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Here are some examples of my work.

Website Design

Capital 2020 Ltd

Capital 2020 Mobile-friendly responsive design for a skilled tradesman offering professional services for homes and businesses.

• Gas, heating and plumbing
• Building and maintenance services
• Fencing and latticework
• Fire and security

Mind Map for Christadelphian Research

Mind Map - Christadelphian Research A JavaScript app that converts a standard website into mind map format. The mind map is on the left with the web page on the right. The layout of the mind map can be customised by dragging the links.

It has proved popular with users being consistently at or near the top of the page view rankings for the website.

Lavernock Holidays

Lavernock Holidays Holiday villa in Cornwall.
Lavernock Holidays

JaJa Enterprises

JaJa Enterprises High visibility safety clothing. Product catalogue, shopping basket and order form.

Photographs supplied by client.

Bonanza Trading Company

Bonanza Trading (UK) Native American art, craft and jewellery.

Photographs supplied by client.

Electronic Design and Test

Rolls-Royce Trent 500 EECS (FADEC)

Rolls-Royce Trent 500 Electronic Engine Controller System for the Rolls-Royce Trent 500 jet engine powering the Airbus A340-500/600.
This is a Full Authority Digital Engine Control.

See also:

Rolls-Royce Trent 500
United Technologies

Software Design

Paste As Visual Studio Code

Lavernock Enterprises Paste As Visual Studio Code Plug-in for Windows Live Writer that pastes clipboard content as Visual Studio code. Preserves syntax highlighting, indentation and background colour. Converts RTF, outputted by Visual Studio, into HTML.

Copy As HTML

Lavernock Enterprises Copy As HTML Add-in for Visual Studio 2013 to copy selected code in HTML format while preserving syntax highlighting, indentation and background colour. Converts RTF, outputted by Visual Studio, into HTML.

HPGL (HGL) Reader

Lavernock Enterprises HPGL (HGL) Reader A very useful utility programme for viewing and printing HPGL (HGL) plotter files.

Logfile Viewer

Lavernock Enterprises Logfile Viewer Utility programme for browsing IIS6 and IIS7 server generated logfiles.

Password Generator

Lavernock Enterprises Password Generator Generates strong passwords by using the Crypto Service Provider to generate a cryptographically strong sequence of random characters.

Password Generator Gadget

Lavernock Enterprises Password Generator Gadget Windows Vista Sidebar gadget for generating strong passwords. Also includes a facility to test the strength of your existing passwords indicated by colour-coded feedback — green for high strength and red for low strength. Note: For security reasons, passwords will be erased after one minute.


Lavernock Enterprises TidyTag Utility programme for editing indented syntax highlighted code for the MSDN forum post editor.